Intro to Craniosacral Therapy w/Clinical Applications

2 days, CE Hours $300

Non-Refundable Deposit: $150

Prerequisite: None. Anyone can take this course

This course is a introduction to Craniosacral Therapy with a focus on clinical applications. This course explores the anatomy and physiology of the craniosacral system and its importance to the overall health of your client.


Students will receive the opportunity to learn the clinical side of holistic healthcare by working with real case studies highlighting the most common client complaints or injuries. Students will apply the clinical applications of Craniosacral therapy learned in the course and will be able to create a treatment plan that goes beyond the superficial injury or complaint. Students will leave this course with a solid foundation in Craniosacral Therapy that they will be ready to integrate into their massage therapy practice.

Through classroom situation with lecture, lab & instructor demonstration, class discussion and hands-on trades students will learn the history of Craniosacral therapy, anatomy of the Craniosacral system & Indications & Contraindications. Hands-on classroom experience will guide them in the theory of therapeutic presence and how to apply Craniosacral in their everyday practice.

Identify the physiological response of Craniosacral Therapy(CST) on the Respiratory, Nervous, Skeletal, Muscular & Fascial systems of the body.

Identify specific indications, contraindications & precautions of CST within the scope of practice of massage therapy.

Define & describe a Wellness Model in relation to CST.

Define & describe the effects of centering, focusing, grounding & breathing on the performance of a CST practitioner.

Describe appropriate assessment & data collection via Client Intake, Practitioner Observation & Tissue Palpation as it relates to CST and detail appropriate SOAP notes for a CST session.

Describe a brief history of CST.

Identify professional associations relating to CST.

Identify Advanced Training Programs to enhance performance, knowledge & skills relating to CST.

Identify Indications, Precautions & Contraindications for CST.

Demonstrate knowledge of techniques & principles appropriate for a CST session including application within endangerment sites.

Demonstrate understanding of effective body mechanics for a CST session.

Identify safe & effective strategies to emotional & behavioral responses during a CST session.

Introduction of Instructor & Tour of Hands in HarmonyIntroduction of Class Attendees
Explain Goals of the Class & Timeline 
Define Craniosacral Therapy
Explore History of Craniosacral Therapy
Four Principles of Osteopathy
Therapeutic Presence
Grounding, Centering & Orientation Holding Space
Lunch Break
Amygdala Hold - Exchange & Feedback
Dural Tube Hold - Exchange & Feedback
Cranial Vault Hold
Conclusion/Preview of next day
(Next Lesson) Intro to Craniosacral Therapy w/Clinical Applications
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